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River​ ​of​ ​Prana​ ​Pancha​ ​Karma​ ​Retreat


December 20, 2017 –
January 16, 2018

 Still your mind and rejuvenate your body on the banks of the Narmada River

Nestled on the banks of the Narmada River, amid a lush tropical landscape, the Dhyani Dham ashram is a peaceful sanctuary in Gujarat, India. 

Along the main path, the ashram temple meets the eyes as a stunning architectural wonder in the form of a Shri Yantra, the sacred geometry representing the divine feminine. Shri Anandi Ma‘s vision of the temple was brought to life in 2006 and houses a living murti (statue) of a great yogi and teacher, Dhyanyogi,  known as the  Yogi of Meditation.

The ashram grounds include spacious western apartment-style accommodations, tree lined paths, lush flora, songbirds, cows, and even some monkeys! The ashram also provides local humanitarian services including a free medical clinic serving over a 100 patients per day.

The sacred Narmada River that runs alongside the ashram is said to be an embodiment of purity. It is so pure that, according to legend, even the Ganges comes to bathe in it once a year!



Experience deeper states of meditation within the spiritually charged energy of the ashram. Participation in Daily Vedic rituals is optional.

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Receive a health consultation from an Ayurvedic Doctor and experience the rejuvenation of PanchaKarma.

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Immerse yourself in daily restorative hatha yoga classes that combine posture, breath work and meditation.

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Individuals from any spiritual or religious background are welcome.

Enjoy Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation
Benefit from the unique synergy of these ancient practices, for the welfare of one and all.

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I stayed in Nikora to do anusthan (spiritual retreat) for 3 months. The temple is a beautiful lotus on the side of the great Narmada. Ma and Guruji's energy is very powerful there, and I had wonderful meditations. The food and housing are also both amazing. Can't wait to go back for my next retreat! 


The land of India is infused with tremendous levels of energy.. particularly in places like Nikora, which is by the River Narmada.
Narmada is a powerful energy within itself. So any practices done there are naturally going to bring profound results with less effort in shorter periods of time. It’s definitely worth the time, effort, and energy to go there and do some practices, if it’s possible for you.

Anandi Ma

As soon I stepped onto the Ashram grounds, I felt an immediate shift in my energy. Each day spent there is a day of profound peace with the rhythms of daily life and the Shakti of the River and Temple.

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